Making an Impact? Not at this University

I do hate to stray from my video game reviews and depriving you of the news you want to know, but quite frankly, there reasons why I cannot get in the right mindset and actually post a review, such as what has occurred over the past few months at the university I formerly attended. Due to this article being unable to be published within the school newspaper for various reasons I have heard, I have taken the liberty to share with you all a short little article that has been described as a “grudge that bears little to no value” as one editor from a site has told me. Well, this spans far more than a grudge, I assure you, for I am not the only one with complaints directed at Holy Family University.

And while I may not attend Holy FU anymore, I still feel the need to post this, hoping that maybe by revealing the truth behind my lack of writing all this time may help me bring you all quicker reviews. With that in mind, here is the article I had planned to post on the Holy Family University’s Tri-Lite, the full version:

Holy Family University…What can I say about a school that has unlocked the hidden talent inside of me through failure? A lot, and not much it is news anyone wishes to hear. My name is Jonathan Falu, a Communications-Journalism major and nearly a 4 year student here at Holy Family University, as well as the journalist behind the video game reviews on the Tri-Lite newspaper, though those titles may very well change after the events of the past few months have transpired. All of us here know that the school is not perfect, but there is effort shown within the staff here to help the students, as I have received some support over the years, and I am thankful for that.

But that all changed during the Co-op/Internship process. After filling out the paperwork and doing all the tasks asked of me, I was denied my opportunity to receive the Co-op. Stunned by the news, I continued to question as to why I did not receive a single recommendation, considering I tend to have a friendly relationship with most of my teachers. My answer had always been the same, denied of the knowledge of who it was sent to and their response. Had I known the answer, I could have at least learned of ways to improve my skills with communications and journalism, for if I didn’t receive anything but negative responses, I could have learned from those mistakes.

But no, the information was denied to me time and time again, despite the fact that I am paying over $20,000 with the price always rising each year, formerly worked in the AV Department to help settle any technological problems all the while doing the school’s work and being yelled for things I could not grasp without teaching, written for the Tri-Lite for nearly three whole years, and yet I cannot even view the knowledge that should be seen by me, the one who it concerns and can benefit from it? I ask you how is that fair to begin with? I even heard you had to sign something regarding that, yet I recall no such thing. And for those wondering why this is a big deal, keep in mind that if you do not get a Co-op within your major, you will not be able to graduate from this university.

Thus I continued to pursue this, though that had left me in possibly one of the worst situations, considering that while I did receive a substitute Co-op in the form of Field Placement as they like to refer to it as. With little options, I had no choice but to take it. Even Dr. John Woznicki had told me to roll with it, and warned me against my actions, despite me being right. Yet if you allow yourself to roll over and let people stomp onto you, how can you ever hope to get ahead in life? So I continued to press on, trying to set up a meeting with Sister Frances and her assistant, but everything continued to fall through when my Field Placement no longer wished to have anything to do with me because of a misunderstanding, one that had apparently made some people think that I was a campus killer, which is a complete lie, otherwise, I would be in jail if it were true. That drew the final straw, and it was clear that I was not winning this argument, or getting any information at all as it has been maybe one or two months since I tried to schedule a meeting with Sister Frances, and she has not replied at all, blatantly ignoring me. My counselor had also sent an email to her about all of this for an alternate program…3 months ago, and it has gone ignored.

And so, with no other choice to save what’s left of my sanity considering the torture this school has put me through with this little quest, I quit. While I do thank the efforts of several people at the university, but considering the difficulties I have had here, and not just within the Co-op department, I can no longer be a part of this school. I would rather spend the remainder of my life trying to be what I want to be rather than go for a job that was literally forced down upon me. It’s this kind of attitude that shows that Holy Family University either leaves no impact at all, or just leaves it but it is entirely negative. You’d think this University would aspire for a better image after the coach incident, where they fired him, yet still gave him money, or used our extra money for a new school logo that hardly anyone likes.

With this final act, the only impact Holy Family University has made onto me as a whole, and this doesn’t go for every staff member, but it has shown me the only thing being praised is the almighty dollar. This face had also been proven with some of the teachers I had, such as one Fran Pelham, one of my favorite teachers. At least she was my favorite, until I found out the reason she did not aid me was because she didn’t want to hear anything bad about the university.

Well, congratulations. You are now hearing it, and lost a valuable student because of it. While not everyone at Holy Family University is selfish such as the people described here, to those that are, I have to wonder how you sleep at night when you know full well what you are doing to students like me. My friend was right in leaving this university, and my only regret is that I did not take action sooner.

I added a little bit extra, but you get my general point. If for some odd reason you do end up at Holy Family University, I will at least say visit Dr. Diana Piperata. Without her guidance, I could have died from the stress Holy FU had put onto me. Aside from that, avoid this university at all costs. Based on what I have seen at Temple, their facilities easily outrank Holy Family’s by a landslide.

And with that, to all my gamer fans, I do at least plan on doing a review of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 once I obtain it from my free Gamely trial. If I am unable to obtain it however, then I’m afraid I cannot do the review. Either way, with this posted at long last, I may be able to at least review more good and bad oldies.

Thank you for your time, and have a pleasant day.


About The Smartest Moron

I am a college graduate of Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production. While hunting for jobs, I also do a review series on YouTube where I analyze stories/characters called The Smartest Moron.
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4 Responses to Making an Impact? Not at this University

  1. Hunty says:

    After seeing that article about that guy who got attacked by that coach and from what you’ve told me about this school from time to time, it’s hard to take that place seriously. These are the things this college I once went to did, and it’s like middle school all over again. Glad you’re out of there. They’ll mess with the wrong person, and the school will be shut down. :/

  2. luckygirl says:

    Jon, while I can’t comment on your allegations against the school for obvious reasons, I will say this: you have a talent for writing. I think you have realized that if you write of what you’re passionate about, it just seems to flow. Keep writing and keep challenging yourself to write better. Good luck to you!

  3. SabbathJeff says:

    Mrs. Piperata no longer works at this university. She’s the sole reason I made it through the three years of suicidality that place put me through. Here’s a helpful hint: Are you a strong atheist? That’s great! Just uh…don’t go to school at hfu for ANY reason. I WAS on medical leave from this school; now that she’s gone, I’m gone. Release my transcript, you sick bastards, and don’t expect a thank you.

    • Final says:

      Hope you managed to get out of there. And don’t know whether to say I’m glad she is gone from there or not. Unfortunately, I lost her contact information so I can’t really get in touch with her.

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