Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3…WTF

When I first saw Angry Joe’s review of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I have to admit that I was disappointed to see the lack of content in the game, especially when compared with other fighting games, like Soul Calibur IV and the new Mortal Kombat game.

Now I don’t really buy fighting games anymore, considering that the main draw is for playing with your friends online and all that jazz. And aside from a lack of friends who play games over where I live, I also lack funds to buy most games. So when it comes to fighting games, if it has a incredible single player experience and is entertaining (along with in my price range), there’s a great chance I’ll pick it up and play. But if people just give me the bare minimum, well of course I am not going to buy it, and that was the case for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so I will not be reviewing that game. I had planned on eventually getting the game once I had enough cash…

If I am right in my prediction joke, just hit me with Thor's hammer please.

Until Angry Joe’s prediction turned out to be right, and even worse than what I could have ever imagined. I was already trying to recover from the monumental fail of Capcom from cancelling Megaman Legends 3, and the rants my friends had about that. Even though I don’t the Legends series, I did some research, and fans had quite a lot to do with the game.

And to have all of that work just collapse, I can understand and feel their frustration. I’ve even been in a few situations like that in the past before, just not involving video games. And so I sought to help support my friends’ plight to get the game back up and running, though that doesn’t seem to be happening despite the MANY fans that are trying to get the game project back on track.

Now let me get something out of the way that I am sure many people are going to hate me for: I like having retailed disc DLC. Since I have a crappy internet service that I cannot fix no matter what since my step-father will not let me do so, DLC is kind of an issue for me to do online, unless I work at it for quite some time. With the disc, I can just pop it in, download, done. Simple. Granted, in games like fighters, I do want the option of separate fighters and such, but for games like Fallout or Mass Effect, which I would buy the DLC no matter how stupid I am, it helps a lot.

There, got that out of my system. It’s mixed, but it can also help for those that don’t use the internet either. Rare, I know, but it took me until high school before I saw the internet in usage in my own home!

BUT that doesn’t excuse the extreme lack of content. Now I’m basically copying some of what Angry Joe has said, so I won’t delve into too much information. But if Capcom was really offering better modes than Spectator mode, then tell me why they would only mention Spectator mode as an addition in the first place? I’m sure maybe there are other modes, but how about giving us some numbers and such, and not forcing us to buy it and find out what is on it, or force some poor reviewer to find out the information and deliver it to us? And by then, you know for a fact that SEVERAL people will have bought this game just for a chance to play as Vergil, Phoenix Wright, and all the other characters.

Speaking of characters, that brings me to my next topic. Why the characters you may ask? Is this because of Megaman not being in the game despite it having Zero and Tron Bonne? …Actually yeah, but there’s more to it than that. Much, much, MUCH more. Besides Megaman, what other Capcom games have been raped and nearly forgotten at this rate? I’m gonna ignore Resident Evil, and delve into just two series for now: Phoenix Wright and Devil May Cry.

Now according to what I have heard, there will be no more Phoenix Wright games in the USA. That’s right, you wanna play Phoenix Wright games now? Better find an emulator and a Japanese rom, and learn Japanese! So way to go to try and entice new players with Phoenix Wright and not sell, oh I don’t know, PHOENIX WRIGHT VIDEO GAMES! Talk about a mixed message there! Sure, people may want to play the old games, but the newer ones? What newer ones!? They are all in Japan now! And the worst thing is that people are going to be dumb enough to make this mistake and try to find a logical explanation for themselves!

Sorry Phoenix, this is one case even you can't win.

And next on the list is Devil May Cry. Hey, remember what they did to Devil May Cry about a year back or so? I forgot how long exactly, but I believe it involved not only rebooting the series, but changing the character entirely! Rather than the cool and always kickass Dante, we get the dark, smoking, bony, and weird as all hell Dante. The differences are very glaring, but I managed to forgive it for good graphics and what seemed like a decent combat system according to the trailer. What I cannot forgive is that how you are going to reboot the series, and yet now you decide to bring back the old characters, characters we will never see again unless we buy the old games and anime series. And you even brought back Vergil to boot, who hasn’t been seen since DMC3 Special Edition! Again, kinda sending mixed messages here Capcom.

And honestly, I think they had the reboot planned since DMC4 and Nero. Now I was one of the rare people who liked Nero, but if you played it or watched it on youtube, pay attention and compare Nero’s Devil Bringer with the sword the new Dante uses in the trailer. How much do you want to bet that the sword will work in a similar fashion like Nero’s arm? So in other words, they were most likely planning this from the start. Again, I might be wrong, but hell, at least I am trying to think about it rather than pay Capcom to do the same thing over and over again!

I know for a fact you all remember THIS Dante! FACE THE TRUTH!

Finally, I bring my case onto Megaman. Now this article I found at this link: http://www.themmnetwork.com/2011/07/22/why-no-mega-man-in-ultimate-marvel-vs-capcom-3-niitsuma-explains-sort-of/ , pretty much sums everything up. But allow me to elaborate even further. We already saw the downfall of Megaman Legends 3 and the fan retaliation. Combined with this poll, Capcom has no excuse to NOT include Megaman in the game. We have already seen Tron Bonne and Zero in the game, while they are great additions based on what I have seen, I’m just wondering how you can have Megaman characters in a game without Megaman! That makes no sense! Why not just call the game Zero at this rate? There’s nothing stopping you save for a mob of angry fans!

Of course people want Megaman. They always wanted Megaman. This was the character that made your company what it is today! Why oh why would you not want him? Did someone over there dealing with Megaman quit and now you are afraid to do anything with him? Well you didn’t care enough about story mode to do anything about it now, so why care about that? And you have also seen the amount of people who flocked to that forum over there, or are you just not paying attention to it? It’s obvious you saw that and those poll numbers, so why not include him? Are you that needy for money? You’re losing a lot of fans because of the Devil May Cry and Phoenix Wright things you are pulling, and now Megaman as well!?

Based on the evidence I have before me, I can’t find a logical reason, save for Capcom wanting more money, and not giving us everything we want. And I already know people want more people like Psylocke in this game, and not some Rocket Racoon! And while I am on this subject, who in the heck is Rocket Racoon!?

Wait, this guy is from Marvel too!? WTF!? Marvel, you are next in my line of rants soon!

We support this, we allow Capcom to truly screw us all over in the end. Why? Because maybe they will include Megaman…in the NEXT edition. I am willing to bet that the next game will be called Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Turbo Edition. This was a joke a friend of mine made, and if you buy Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, I am willing to bet they will sell this version for the exact same price! Don’t believe me? Try looking at Street Fighter people! They did the exact same thing, only MvC3 is not getting nearly as good of a treatment as that series.

Don’t feed into their BS anymore! You buy this game, and you’re just going to screw over the gaming community as a whole, not just supporting Capcom to slap us in our faces.


About The Smartest Moron

I am a college graduate of Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production. While hunting for jobs, I also do a review series on YouTube where I analyze stories/characters called The Smartest Moron.
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One Response to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3…WTF

  1. Nachoknight91 says:

    this text says the whole truth about capcom and their tactics about getting money . ive even saw tha rant on “the angry joe show “website and everything what i hear i can just agree with this oppinions . ive buyed the first MVC3 game because capcom promised us too for new additional content as DLC and i wanna play my beloved marvel chars like deadpool , task master , venom , carnage and many other cool marvel chars on my list but ive got few of them . this was my first piss-off ever on MVC3. few months later i waited for the first DLC but again i was pissed-off because capcom gave us gamers 2 chars which wasnt that asked the whole and the chars what i meant was this tentacle thing with the forgetable name and jill valentine .but this doesnt end up and guess what i did next ? i waited again for new DLC and on this point where i saw the trailer of ULTIMATE MVC3 i knew that this time CRAPCOM just trolled us on every possible way which i never knew !!! but before i waited on MVC3, i was hyped for the next megaman legends for the 3DS . the cancle of this game was for me like they shitting us fans to the ground and laughing their asses off . Even i put my ideas how megaman legends 3 should be . and at the end is capcom trying blame us megaman fans that we dont support them with our ideas . in the 80s and 90s was capcom one of my favourite companies ever but then after 90s goes capcom apeshit and i lost my interest on their games . now i avoid their games . this companie made themeselves to a shadow what they was in the 80s and 90s. capcom is for me totally dead at any perspective . i think if would buy a game which is made by capcom then its just waste my money for bad work . i still miss the strider, final fight and star Gladiator franchises . but great explaination dude !^^ i hope this will bring capcom fanboys to normal . =)

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