Rise of the Imperfects DS review: Even the game knows it stinks!

Years ago, comic fans were overjoyed at the prospect of having some of their favorite heroes and villains go up against a new super villain team known as the Imperfects. This game has been released on every console, even the PSP and DS, and also spawned a 6-issue series based on the game to help provide some hype for the game. Unfortunately, while I cannot speak for the comic’s behalf, the games themselves were terrible. The home console versions were slow, clunky, and the story also upset some fans as they watched their favorite characters lose to characters they shouldn’t, and even killed! But just when you think it could not get any worse, there are the DS and PSP versions. While I didn’t play the PSP version, I did try to play the DS version, they keyword being try.

I have played horrible games before, even the console versions of this game, but nothing could ever prepare me for the terror that this game is on the DS. Spider-man Edge of Time? That was horrible and horrendous, but this game…oh my f****** god, this is the worst, the absolute worst game I have ever played in my entire flipping life! The only good thing about the game is the menu, which does nicely detail the characters into a mix of cartoons and colorful visuals, a absolute opposite compared to the dark and gritty visuals of the home console versions. Sadly, everything else in this game is epic fail. While others are spared the pain of seeing their favorites “die” in the story, there is absolutely nothing to the story. There is only a bit of dialogue and two different endings, one for the marvel cast and one for the Imperfects, leaving this nothing more than the simpliest of arcade games. Sadly, a simple arcade game would be better if the controls weren’t the worst I have ever experienced.

Gameplay revolves in a one-on-one fight with either an Imperfect or a Marvel character, with destructible environments. Again, the graphics are poor and a bit blocky, and there is no detail of the destruction caused by any characters. And movement is unbelievably hard, and you will find that hitting your opponent will be the hardest task you have in this game. But losing may not be such a difficult task because of two reasons. One, the AI in this game is absolute garbage, and will only fight back when it feels like it. And two, enemies can be stuck in an endless loop of combos, thus guaranteeing victory so long as you don’t mess anything up. Then again, one has to question who on Earth would play this brain tumor of a video game!? Then why did I play it? I’m an idiot!

With horrendous visuals, poorly done combat, and a story that is nonexistent, it makes me feel as if the game developers just did not care. Aside from the menu artwork, there is no effort in this game, as if it was done in a week and without any care in the world. This has to be the worst game I have ever played, and I forced myself to suffer through other games such as the other Rise of the Imperfect games and many other titles. For this head bash into my skull, Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects gains my first ever 1 out of 5, an epic failure, on every level. The console versions made me shake my head and sigh heavily at what was going on, but this game literally comes out of the screen and deals that cold slap to my face.


About The Smartest Moron

I am a college graduate of Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production. While hunting for jobs, I also do a review series on YouTube where I analyze stories/characters called The Smartest Moron.
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