Top 3 failures of DmC reboot

Damn it, I know people are tired of me whining about it. Believe me, so do I. But I am tired of the constant mistakes and bad decisions Ninja Theory and Capcom keep making; I screw things up well enough on my own, thank you. So, let’s dive into my mind and show the worst things about DmC so far.

If I had a paying job, I would buy the digital drinks, Dante.

If I had a paying job, I would buy the digital drinks, Dante.

1.The Title

There is no point in calling this Devil May Cry anymore. Does anyone know why the series was called this? Neither do I, but I have my assumptions that would back up anything counter Ninja Theory can bring. Dante was made half-human for a reason, a few in fact. To make him seem weaker and actually be weaker than most full demons, yet at the same time, show the true strength hidden within that managed to kick their asses back to the bar in hell. And what has been one of the key scenes in the first and third games? Devils crying, in this case both Trish and Dante. In culture/media, demons are almost always shown as these dark forces, wanting to trick us, make deals with us, and all of their own personal greed, or just killing us because they are evil. Dante and his family was different.

Similar to the Shin Megami Tensei series, those guys showed that not all demons were these forces that desired the death of humanity. In fact, other games showed that had reasons for what they did. The anime and games really hammered this. Trish is one example. She was created to counter Dante, to trick and destroy him. Admittedly, she was all for doing that, but Dante showing compassion towards her helped put a bit of humanity inside of her. Sure, the first game was silly and cheesy, but it could be serious at times, ignoring voice-acting. It even touches a few emotions, like Dante finally killing Vergil.

Yes people, this is the new Vergil. Yeah, I thought he was Draco Malfoy too.

Yes people, this is the new Vergil. Yeah, I thought he was Draco Malfoy too.

Every protagonist has faced some sort of difficulty in their lives that really showed their emotions. For Dante, it was dealing with this woman that looked like his mom and having to kill his brother to avoid him from destroying everything. For Vergil, he was fueled by pure vengeance, showing that he was willing to make any sacrifice to gain enough power to kill Mundus for good. For Nero, he wanted to save Kyrie and avoid killing Credo, both of whom were like family to him, but at the same time, also struggled to keep the secret hidden of having a demon arm. Those ties to humanity really show. The anime, while making Dante less humorless, was also not a bad example of showing how humans and being half-human can relate to his life. He’s forced to live by their rules, live they way they live, while keeping them safe. Heck, he has to be connected considering he is willing to lower his prices enough to make sure the poor can afford his services.

Could it have been done better? Oh hell yes. But I can see a too emotional Dante turning fans away. Samus got too emotional and well…Other M. Nuff said. That, and lack of knowing the character, much like with Ninja Theory here!

My point is that the half-human made him more relatable and showed him weaker, thus forcing him to utilize every trick in the book to take down demons. It was the strength of heart, will, compassion or whatever you call it that was their real strength. In simpler terms: their reason to fight. Vergil had vengeance, Dante wanted to save people, and Nero wanted the same and to protect Kyrie at any cost. It showed that even with such a weakness, they could prevail. And even then, it showed that not all demons or those that lusted for power were evil. Agni and Rudra, Cerberus, and even Nevan weren’t what you would call evil. They were guardians to prevent someone from taking over the tower. And when they Dante as someone more noble than other demons, recognizing him as someone relating to Sparda, they joined him. They had the capacity to care and fight for their justice, not be blinded by chaos and destruction.

By making half-angel, you kind of ruin it. Angels are seen as benevolent beings, ranked far higher than any human. You kinda ruined the entire concept. He doesn’t relate to humans that much anymore, and seems to embrace more of those angry demonic forces. And this ruins Vergil’s character as well. A part of him despised humans, as it made him weaker. Being part angel would probably make them stronger. Or at least it should with a capable writer, which Ninja Theory seems to lack. Since demons are in control, and undoubtedly all evil, the name Devil May Cry is now wasted. There is no point, and I am taking this from simple observation. This series isn’t even what it once was!

And rather than something cool for a devil trigger, we get this. What a middle finger.

And rather than something cool for a devil trigger, we get this. What a middle finger.

And before you think I am defending the old DMC too much, I remind that the series didn’t make a lot of sense at times as well, nor did they have the best stories. However, those stories helped shape the characters, make them who we know. So you can’t just dismiss a story completely if it made you like that character. Ninja Theory and Capcom certainly did, not even getting one of the main factors. I am angry nerd who is still in college and is undoubtedly insane, and I can figure this fact out! It took a year and a few months, sure, but I still figured it out!

….Next topic.

2. The sex

Based on what we have seen, if they are using sex for just sex, it’s gonna fail. I’m not a prude, and trust me, I have seen pornography, a lot of which was provided/accidentally found, leaving me nightmares that force me awake, wondering why, why would a fan draw porn of Sonic–What was I talking about?

Oh right, right this. I know it seems minor, but I just have a bad feeling about this. Sex I believe should be more or less focused on relationships, like with what is done with the Witcher, or Mass Effect (maybe more Witcher 2), really establish how they either care for each other, or how needing one another can calm the soul. Implying something casual, not too bad. But to have sex as a main selling point is pretty damn weak in my opinion, attracting more perverts.

No. In fact, I think I just swore of porn forever.

No. In fact, I think I just swore of porn forever.

Moreover, do you really want to see Dante and Mundus’ sex faces? I saw Mundus’ and I will now suffer an eternity of trying to blind myself by staring into the sun and praying for an eclipse! The least I can say is that this is one of the more minor complaints, but it is definitely feeling like a bad fanfiction. Next thing you know, Mundus was obsessed with Sparda’s angel wife, and cloned her aka made Trish just to have as a sex toy!

….If this is seriously how Trish is going to be used, my rage will break. Again. And I’m sure every single fan may just do the same. Also, the mere thought makes me want to slam my head against a book. Excuse me.

3. The Demons

So far, I am not impressed with the current line-up. I would talk more about the characterization of Dante, but the demons do play a huge part of it, as Dante is meant to conquer them and does make some dialogue with them. Moreover, they are meant to be intimidating or very strong. Let’s face it, if Dante and the demons were to stand still, demon bosses anyway, Dante is gonna be a pancake, hence why the game focuses on him moving about, taking advantage of the situation by playing the Spider-Man tactic of insulting them.

The first boss we see involves a lot of swearing, and a lot of dialogue anyone can write better. Again, curse words aren’t a gateway to humor. Can they be funny at times? Yes, but only when some people use them, or it’s unexpected, like hearing a nice child suddenly  say it when getting grounded or something. And even then, those more known people are making jokes, not just “f you! No f you!”

Some called it like something to the end of the movie, The Thing, where the main hero and The Thing end things, and thought it was cool. There’s a major difference though guys. The Thing didn’t curse like an idiot and was a major threat first of all. Second, that scene wasn’t meant to be funny! Third, the scene in DmC lacks anything that would make the demon a super threat like the others. What was the first demon in DMC4? A giant fiery demon with a sword, and could set a small area ablaze with a nova. What was the first demon in DMC3? A frozen Cerberus you wish and hope did not become unchained, or it will make you its new squeaky toy.

Or how about a giant statue that will END you?

Or how about a giant statue that will END you?

Needless to say, if curse words are all you have to your humor, it’s gonna grow stale really quickly. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like the Angry Video Game Nerd as much, but hell, he is at least forming new curses I could never hope to do, and he provides useful information. Or how about a article where I found Barack Obama quoting people while cursing and saying stuff that seems out of character for him? That’s funny because it isn’t something you would expect out of our President, let alone be put out on the net! What does DmC provide for us? Gameplay? I played the demo, and I am writing a rant article. You can figure out whether or not I liked it. And yes, I did hate the gameplay of it. Or rather, I was more bored of it.

Also, if I want politics in my entertainment, I will watch the Daily Show.

Also, if I want politics in my entertainment, I will watch the Daily Show.

I’m positive I hit on all the main points I hadn’t previously. As a fan, I hope this game bombs, because as it stands, this is the true death of Devil May Cry, and this game doesn’t even deserve the title. It’s hard for me not to look at this series with a biased view, but I just sat down and thought of all the negatives this series brought me. Again, even if you thought the previous stories were crap, they still helped develop the characters you liked, if you liked the previous DMC games. Fact is, I do like the idea of the story, demons running a town or even a country, and it’s up to a group to take them down. This is possible in the normal universe! Fact is, they went the wrong route with this. When this game fails, which it will, maybe they’ll learn.

Or people will prove me wrong, like the game, and only like it because they can fight demons in the toned-down fighting system. It’s the way I see it unfortunately. If people can provide me with a counter-argument with the story, please tell me. And don’t just say that people aren’t gonna play for the story. That is not a good enough reason, and only an excuse for laziness in your writing! Case in point? Mass Effect ending, before the Extended Cut DLC.

Okay, back to watching that Tsukihime anime!…Hey, I suffer, so you don’t have to.


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I am a college graduate of Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production. While hunting for jobs, I also do a review series on YouTube where I analyze stories/characters called The Smartest Moron.
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