Are fans to blame for bad sales in gaming?

And two isn't enough either. Again.

And two isn’t enough either. Again.

No. No they are not. I can’t believe I have to explain something as simple as this. But after reading an article about DmC and how the writer of said article said fans are to blame for the failure of Capcom and Ninja Theory reaching the selling goal of two million copies of DmC, I had to slap my forehead, repeatedly. Are video game journalists seriously getting paid to write such nonsense like this? Originally, I was going to discuss more in detail about things I missed in my DmC article, like Mundus being one of the dumbest villains in history, but decided not to since I stopped caring to beat up a dead horse.

The article I am raging about though? Oh no, that one is gonna get some dose of reality. True, sales help publishers, and if they are good enough to meet original goals and beyond, more sequels, spinoffs, etc. are in a higher position to be made, limiting it to only fans is well, stupid. The consumers of video games aren’t just limited to fans. There are those that have and like different types of games, have little time to even play games, or just don’t have the money. Supporting publishers is a good idea, but there are sacrifices that need to be made. For instance, I was dying to get Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS bundle, and I want to support the series so we get more Fire Emblem games in the USA. However, I don’t have a job to balance spending for that, and I’d be in serious financial problems if I bought it.

Or, if you want a much better example, I wanted to get Aliens Colonial Marines and am a HUGE Aliens fan, but after finding out that the game was nothing more than a insult to Aliens fans, a boring chore, and overall just hilariously awful in how someone can screw this up, I sure as hell am not going to buy it. A consumer’s influence and cash can make or break games, yes, and you might be able to form a counter-argument to what I said. After all, in the end, consumers are the ones that contribute to sales. However, the fault doesn’t lie with them or fans.

Thank god for Blistered Thumbs warning me about this game too, and YouTube.

Thank god for Blistered Thumbs warning me about this game too, and YouTube.

At the end of all of this though, it was up to Capcom and Ninja Theory to make the game. It was Capcom that decided to ignore people who cared about DMC to make DmC. It was up to the both of them to make it appeal to not just fans of the original, but to everyone since they were rebooting the series, and the point of a reboot is to usually reintroduce a series to gain new supporters. It was up to them to iron out and go over any and all mistakes. And this is not exclusive to Capcom, but to EVERY company and publisher. They are in control of their PR and marketing, and if they are unable to make the game shine in the eyes of consumers, then of course they aren’t going to get sales. I’m not trying to say they didn’t have to do this. DMC is their license to do with as they pleased, and the game received numerous good reviews, and in some cases, it’s understandable and money makes the world goes round. But it isn’t going to always be successful, and it definitely is impossible to please everyone. And even if fans like a certain part, if sales are bad for it still, change is bound to happen. Still, it is their responsibility, since they make the game.

Now for those still unconvinced, tell me this: did fans prevent the selling of the games in any way? And no, that stupid petition doesn’t count because it failed, horribly, and even I am glad that it did. If all fans alone did was just refuse to buy the game for any reason, even a price drop like I do for some games I love, then how is it their fault if Capcom has done nothing but make their reputation worse with their business tactics and ignoring fans’ outcry, while Ninja Theory produced a story so offensive to me, that I am left stunned as to how writers like this are still doing business, and a story that some people praise. And one more thing: fans are not obligated to buy every single thing just because the license is related to it. For example, I am not buying the Omega DLC of Mass Effect 3, and I love the series. $15 isn’t worth it for me for just 3 hours of content, and after the ending’s I have to choose from. If fans were obligated to buy everything, then I would have the DMC manga, anime DVDs, the collection on the Xbox 360, and even Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since Dante and Trish are in it too!

So here’s an idea: think before actually saying something so facepalm worthy.


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