Characters Made of Stupid: Mundus and Vergil

I know I know, I swear this will be the last time....maybe.

I know I know, I swear this will be the last time….maybe.

…Yes, we are back on this topic again. Remember my backseat review on DmC? It got mixed thoughts, as I found it a subject within forums claiming that I judged the game unfairly, and other criticisms I found useful, which is why I’m gonna ditch the nickname of Carebear Craig for Vergil; it doesn’t make much sense, especially after the endgame. I would change it, but hey, I’m a lazy bastard. Some even commented that I compared the story to Bayonetta…except I didn’t because my rage was so focused on DmC, I completely forgot about it. Other complaints were of course directed at “gameplay is the only thing that matters” and that’s perhaps one of my biggest counters I have to bring. If I want good gameplay, I can pick up a game on Xbox Live for about $10-$15 that can give me some entertainment for as long as, or even longer, than DmC and most other games. So, why should I spend $60 on a game that’s strongest point is boiled down gameplay? Admittedly, I did not play the game in full, but after watching the walkthrough, there is no chance I will play it, unless someone was sadistic enough to trap me in a room with it until it was given a proper review!

Moreover, this is no reason to not change the score just because “stories do not matter.” Game developers HAVE to put some goddamn effort into their work, because it is part of the game, and there are people like me who enjoy a good story, or at least a story that can be entertaining, even if it is bad. DmC is neither of those. What is it? A pathetic example of how some developers cannot make a good story, and this was proven in the last article. Moreover, Ninja Theory themselves said that “they would break the myth that video games don’t have good stories.” Except that almost every other game I reviewed here proved that, even some of the bad ones. I am sick of people who buy games ignoring this fact! This gives developers the excuse to screw over their fanbase and customers because hey, if we don’t care, why should they? Let them add BS DLC for the sake of filling their wallets! After looking DMC over, sure, a reboot could be a neat idea, and I even praised the overall story idea of DmC. It’s the execution that fails!

And that brings us to here. I am not even going to bother getting back to DmC Dante, because after thinking it over, he was probably the least harmed in this entire series. But let’s take a look at two characters that pretty much effectively made this character boring to begin with, and the biggest pains of DmC: Mundus and Vergil.

Forgive my use of old pictures, but hey, I'm lazy and just want to get rid of this.

Forgive my use of old pictures, but hey, I’m lazy and just want to get rid of this.

Now before you guys say anything, I actually don’t really care for Mundus of the old DMC. Sure, he was a fantastically hard and brutal boss battle, but in the end, he was a cliché with no real added stuff to him, evil for the sake of evil. So in this argument, you would think I would praise Mundus here because he’s a more 3-dimensional character, right? Well, just because a character has more information doesn’t automatically equal good. And in this case, Mundus has to be one of the absolute dumbest demons I have ever seen in the history of gaming. Even the dumber demons in the SMT series have nothing on this idiot. They have the excuse of being weak and idiotic, however, Mundus here is supposed to be this smart monstrosity that is capable of bringing the human world to its knees through debt, and that cannot be easy (though apparently it was). The man does not know how to fully take advantage of what he has, and that’s probably why he is an idiot. Why? Back to his demon flunkies.

Bob Barbas could have easily been my favorite demon in this game, if he was done correctly and with some subtlety rather than make a cheap shot at Fox News. Remember when I actually liked the idea of Dante being framed for killing many humans in a part of Bob Barbas’ boss battle as he narrated exposition that would probably have made a much better opening rather than two woman playing holster Ebony and Ivory with Dante? Well, couldn’t this have easily brought Dante as enemy number one? Especially with forged evidence no doubt Mundus or Barbas could have made? Boom, you got many demons and most of them would probably want revenge or want to do Mundus a solid by getting rid of Dante. Or better yet, you have several humans hunting down Dante, and actually giving him more of a reason to be an asshole. I would honestly be more sympathetic to Dante if that were to happen. Now I know human weapons probably couldn’t do much to Dante unless in extreme excessive force, like Lady levels, but you have him weakened all the time, forcing him to run or even out of the city. You know, out of the city YOU OWN AND HIM, THE ONLY DEMON THAT COULD KILL YOU THAT YOU KNOW OF!? Or hell, he could be weakened enough that the demons could tear him apart when plan A fails. Moreover, you have even more evidence of Dante killing humans, or you have him more weakened and box him in a corner if he refuses to fight. You win either way! He’ll become public enemy number 1 and–

OH WAIT! That’s right, you’re so incompetent, along with everyone else in the city, that no one seems to recognize a very deadly person you already labeled as a terrorist! Barbas already said it in the very first chapter of the goddamn game! I know I am going back into Dante territory, but it must show that the citizens are so idiotic they will not call the police to arrest a terrorist. They kinda have to put their lives on the line ya know. It’s their job to stop the bad guys! Okay, we all know Dante here isn’t a bad guy (but he is a bad character), you know what I am trying to say, right? Hell, in BlazBlue, Ragna was wanted by the NOL, and he was hunted down by people, be it for the BlazBlue or the bounty on his head. True, some of them weren’t exactly geniuses (look at the wanted poster on Ragna for that), but they at least have the excuse of not controlling the world and every damn resource in it! For a game that is supposed to be the realistic version, it’s somehow coming off as even more ridiculous than the old DMC.

As for the Succubus thing, why not put it into water? I love soda to death, but wouldn’t you have better results poisoning the water supply? Just sayin’, humans kinda live on this stuff called H-20, aqua, water, etc, and it certainly would be a hopeless situation if someone were to spike that supply. We don’t get a single reason why this cannot happen! Now, some of you might say that it is acidic, however, that was only in limbo, not in the real world. So what’s the excuse? Mundus wants his own brand? I don’t even know. I’m beginning to wonder how he found out about Vergil’s little club house at this rate. And don’t bring up that the effects of the water could have destroyed it. If it was that easy to dispel, wouldn’t the humans then be cured if the water entered their system, which it has to if we all want to keep on living?

Next part? Debt. This could have been used to great effect. Sure, you can have demons owing this lord of darkness some favors and forcing them to kill Dante, adding some depth to them, but you could also add in some fallen angels or humans, believing that what they are doing is right while turning against Dante, making those fights all the more tragic when we see their good halves turn into nothing more than waste for Mundus to use against Dante, and help him develop more character. Again, this actually sounds like a good idea, but none of this is taken advantage of. Think of the possibilities! Sure, it could get a bit cliché, but it would work now, wouldn’t it?

But let’s get to the last bit: his power. I will not bring up Lilith since she did technically have an army of demons at her beck and call, and hell, the kid itself was a beast, as much as I want to repress that memory. I am also going to ignore the whole Nephilim thing since I raged about that in the last article, and I won’t even mention the DMC tradition of facing all the bosses again at the extreme later stages (even in old DMC, that didn’t really make too much sense either). I’m only going to bring up one scene for this: when he and Dante finally meet. Ignoring Dante’s crappy speech, which sounds like a rough draft of what the developers wanted but just gave up, Mundus probably could have just smacked Dante and Vergil out of his front door. Why? There were two things he could have easily done to end this situation, or reduce the threat in half.

One would have been to literally smack Dante and Vergil out of his front door. How? Remember the trade-off scene with Kat and Lilith, and when Lilith was shot in the uterus with Mundus’  kid still inside of her by Vergil, and then capped off by him (which still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given the boss fight), he went nuts, sending a large surge of his power through the city, destroying parts of the city, all in a failed attempt to kill the gang. Now I know what you are thinking: they said that attack weakened him by a considerable amount. Well, he wouldn’t be attacking from such a far enough distance, would he? Dante and Vergil were LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS DOOR! Heck, with the concentrated blast, he probably could have killed Dante in one flash, or weakened him considerably. But okay, let’s say he is too weak, which is weak sauce for the supposed demon lord.

Plan two could have been to use that superior speed of his, which he used to tackle Dante out of his tower, to grab Dante, and literally beat him to death right there. You see, Vergil gave some exposition that Mundus could not be killed unless some spell was undone or something that made Mundus immortal/unkillable by anyone, which begs the question again why make them half-angel if literally nothing is gonna be done with them, but I digress. Point is, Mundus had to leave that space, and simply seeing Dante should have triggered the anger to pin the bum to the floor, and proceed to beat the unholy hell out of him while invincible. A cowardly tactic, yes, but one that guaranteed Mundus’ victory and Dante crushed under his heel. Done! One threat down, and the weaker brother is out there as well! Moreover, considering Vergil was fighting in the same building, why was he unable to even sense him too? Maybe I missed something on that, and if I did, inform me, otherwise I am putting it in the stupid files. Speaking of which, watch DMC the Stupid Files; trust me, it’s awesomely hilarious.

So for someone who literally has the power and resources to win, Mundus is a friggin idiot. Well, maybe if we knew his backstory at least, this could all be forgi—oh wait, he was killed. At least DMC kept him sealed, promising an eventual return of the demon overlord, but yeah, Mundus is as good as gone. Say farewell to what could have actually been an interesting, 3-dimensional villain, and is sadly one of the dumbest villains in history. He literally had the entire world as his weapon, and lost it all faster than in an RPG game. Give him a round of applause!

Seriously, what was the point with the blue masks and all that?

Seriously, what was the point with the blue masks and all that?

And now, we have Vergil. I bring him up for one reason: his DLC. Yes, I watched the DLC of Vergil’s Downfall, assuming it would be a prequel and explain some stuff, but instead, it’s DmC 1.5 and a teaser for the next game. Yes, I’m sure that was worth $10. Even those that liked DmC didn’t like this one, at least the fans I knew, so you know this isn’t going to be good. So yeah, I tore into Vergil before, regarding DmC itself, so let’s just look at this from the view of his DLC to save some time; I’m sure you are anxiously waiting for that delicious Hot Pocket in the microwave (I am at least anyway).

So obvious spoilers, but Vergil is dying on account of that gaping wound, and is sent to hell, or a place resembling hell, or resembling his soul. I am honestly not sure, given what happens, but it has to be some kind of afterlife since Eva is in this. Yes, for the first time in any Devil May Cry game in history, we actually do see Eva, and she…well for an angel that supposedly wielded that scythe Dante now has, is pretty weak sauce. But ignoring that, Vergil moves to pursue to save his mother and return to the land of the living. He eventually even runs into Kat who is being chased by demons. Okay, you show as him more on the noble side, trying to redeem himself. No complaints here…and then things get really stupid, again.

You see, Vergil is constantly mocked and hurt (physically too) by Dante and Kat, who are both fake in this game, hollows constructed to trick him. Now, this is an idea that can actually work….until you really begin to think about it and realize Vergil is not only an idiot, but downright childish. Now, I can forgive him for being emotional. Back to the scene with Kat: she is flat out revealed to be a demon, slashes him, and before that, openly mocks him. He sadly doesn’t put the two pieces together, and thinks he’s just been betrayed again by the real Kat. Ya know, because Kat was a demon all this time, except for the fact that she wasn’t. You might be able to argue this point, but then comes Dante, or hollow Dante, and no, I checked, there is no boss fight with him. Now while I do enjoy the image of that Dante getting his ass kicked, I’m still stunned because Vergil is again acting like an idiot by thinking it’s the real Dante when he is, ya know, COMPLETELY WHITE. I can forgive a simple hair color change, but this is ridiculous. They guy is clearly made of some strange energy or a hollow, and Vergil can’t see that it’s a fake? For the supposed smart character, I want to facepalm so damn hard.

But let’s ignore this for a second and say it all works regardless. Eva finally shows up, threatened by a demon, and Vergil saves her…just to mock her by whining about how Dante was the favorite and he was never shown love. This might have been tragic except for the following: his dad spared him the mind-erasing thing to make sure he gained enough power to survive, he was given far more advantages in life than Dante, Dante lost his memories and lived a (supposed) life of hell, and the only reason I say that is because the guy at least had to be confused as all hell when demons were hunting him down, despite the fact he constantly kept getting laid by random women that I refuse to call angel because that makes even less sense, and all this while Vergil got to live the good high life, recruit everyone into a secret organization, and then have it all work, and eventually actually kill Mundus. And let me add the most important fact: YOU WERE STILL A LITTLE KID! It’s hard to feel sorry for you when we see absolutely nothing that makes Eva seem like the bad guy here. It’s not like she physically abused him or anything, and even with what happened earlier, this conclusion doesn’t even make any sense at all. Moreover, even Eva’s reaction Dante’s death seems stupid because, well, Dante is kind of still alive and Vergil was tormented by hollows, or whatever the hell you want to call these demons. Hell or his own psyche, this doesn’t really mold well for him.

So we went from a badass of a swordsman, fueled by vengeance in the name of his family after his mother was killed, pushed to obsession in doing everything he could to gain enough power for revenge, even if it meant becoming the bad guy, to a whiny supposed smart guy, who has done nothing but made bad decision after bad decision, weak, and dumb enough to be fooled by the obvious flaws in this DLC, and all because he never received enough love from his mom? I…This is just hilarious. You turned a cool character into a this horrible mess. I honestly don’t feel bad for him in the slightest. The ending to DmC was forced, but ya know what? It at least was not this pile of trash. This is basically DmC’s true ending you are paying an extra $10 for. Hope it was worth it for this waste of time.

And if you still don’t believe Vergil is an idiot, look back to my old notes in the DmC review. If you don’t want to, then let me just say something else: when he sends Dante into the city, you know, the “well known terrorist,” he doesn’t have him put on some costume or change his look? Just saying, it failed miserably when Dante was spotted in the city almost instantly. Moreover, remember him broadcasting a network on the television? Well, if Barbas and the Succubus already have the people nearly lobotomized thanks to their actions, what good will that do? Demons are the only ones unaffected, maybe angels, but we don’t see either type join his little club. A wasted effort when you could have been spending your time, oh I don’t know, training your men in the event that the base gets taken over, which it does? Just saying.

Overall, do you at least see why these two characters are horrible? I can’t defend old Mundus because, let’s face it: the guy was a cliche and a memorable boss battle at best. DMC Vergil on the other hand was a bit different and more memorable, and even if you didn’t like them, this new version is even worse, a downright insult! Dumb characters can usually get a free pass for some people if they are entertaining enough and keep you compelled with their other characteristics. The sad part is that neither DmC character really invests you. When I wasn’t facepalming at their actions or cringing at the horrible dialogue, I was bored. Just because you get more of something doesn’t mean it will always be a good thing, and this game is an example of that. You need to add in that flavor, be intelligent about creating your characters, otherwise there will always be those like me, that can point out the blindingly stupid right here! And this was just two characters, and I held back information because of the DmC review. Good lord, this is already over 3,300 words!

Ugh, let this be the last I post of it. DmC2? Why would I care? If you wanna debate on some things, leave a comment below, or if I just missed something stupid as well.

I’m Final, and I question my own sanity at this point.


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