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Devil May Cry 1 review (PS2)

Remember when I said DMC didn’t need a reboot? Maybe I was a tad bit overemotional when I said that. Back to the reboot for a second, the story idea is one of the few things I praised, and with … Continue reading

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Resonance of Fate review

With Project X Zone coming in less than a month, there’s no doubt a slew of questions regarding the game, like: “WHAT ARE THESE SERIES OF GAMES!?” Yes, people can be familiar with Mega Man X or Street Fighter, but … Continue reading

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Old reviews: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 review

Let’s face it, we have all dealt with subpar comic book games for years now, such as the Batman (excluding Arkham Asylum) and Superman games. But there is still hope so long as the Ultimate Alliance franchise holds up. However, … Continue reading

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