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TSM: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ya know, I just realized that I could have saved more time had I focused on just trying to get one pot filled with extremely cold water. Whoops. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and it was formerly known as … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 in under 10 seconds

So after getting more footage for Final Fantasy XIII-2 when I needed it for another video and accidentally deleted my back-ups, I came across this while playing and said “Wow, this sums up my experience with FFXIII-2 so damn well. … Continue reading

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TMNT Out of the Shadows re-review

Time to correct a mistake from the past…with a video review of course!

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Samurai Sword Destiny review (3DS)

Developer: UFO Interactive Games Publisher: UFO Interactive Games Genre: hack and slash/action Multiplayer: N/A ESRB: T for Teen System: 3DS (e-shop exclusive) Price: $4.99 Yeah, you can tell be the title alone this will not be a good game exactly. … Continue reading

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Koudelka review

A horror game that is also an RPG? What could possible go wrong?

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