Samurai Sword Destiny review (3DS)

samurai sword destiny, 3DS, Akane, samurai, ninja, demon

Developer: UFO Interactive Games
Publisher: UFO Interactive Games
Genre: hack and slash/action
Multiplayer: N/A
ESRB: T for Teen
System: 3DS (e-shop exclusive)
Price: $4.99

Yeah, you can tell be the title alone this will not be a good game exactly. Developed and published by UFO Interactive Games for the 3DS, the game certainly gave the illusion that it would be something similar to Muramasa: The Demon Blade. While I’ve yet to finish the game, it was an incredible experience, being able to jump and slash, while also trying to take advantage of using the swords in my arsenal. High flying ninja action in a 2D game at quite possibly its best.

This game, doesn’t offer any of that at all, so let’s take a look as to what is wrong with this game.


Its style is certainly weird, but it’s hard to call the visuals bad. However, its identity seems to be a bit confused, as the game can be kinda violent, considering it shows the clearly human characters and demons being cut into bits, as well as showing blood too. Really though, it does one surprising thing: its 3D isn’t actually half bad. Hell, it kinda breathes a bit more life into the game, whereas everything else just fails. The music and visuals were the only plus I could find, it isn’t even a buying incentive.

samurai sword destiny, ogre, Akane, 3DS, cutscene

Yeah, are you noticing it looks a bit too cute to be violent? Kinda a personal problem I have with it, though minor.

It’s even less so when you realize that there aren’t a variety of enemies. I know I said there were demons, but there’s really only one mook design: a giant fat ogre or something. The rest are just human, but have different palette swaps and more health. Only the bosses have any type of variety, but it doesn’t work well when combined with the gameplay, which I’ll get into in a bit.


There is hardly any to begin with. You play as a samurai (or ninja, hard to tell the difference) named Akane, and she must slay through waves of horrendously colored shinobi and demons in order to save her brother, who has gone missing. There’s really nothing else. The game does try to include demonic possession and another villain, but they come and go so quickly, you’ll forget about them as they don’t even bother to be engaging and try to move on to the next level as soon as possible. No flashbacks, no backstory, nothing.


It’s a hack and slash type game, minus a lot of the fun that comes with such a style. You can only move left and right, meaning no jumping or anything. As you level up by getting more cash to upgrade, you do a bit more, such as have more health and power, or take advantage with the charge slashes, and the upgrades that go with them.

Unfortunately, this is also the game’s biggest flaw. Why? Because the charge moves are about the only useful moves I found in the game, combined with a skill that allows you to increase your defense as you charge. And this is especially important as enemies can quickly fill the screen and overwhelm you if you are just trying a simple basic attack, or bosses can move and hit you faster than you can roll out of the way.

ogre, samurai sword destiny, akane, 3DS

Plus it’s kinda hard to tell when you are getting hit too.

Moreover, the charge strike move list is pretty much 90% of what you can do and can even take you out of harm’s way, as well as hit multiple enemies, so you’ll be using it very often to the point of only relying on it, pretty much making your regular slash almost pointless, especially as there is no other way to reduce your defense. You can get an upgrade to recover health by standing still, but don’t expect bosses to let you take advantage of that.

To break up the hack and slash segments, there is also the ambush levels, which has Akane run across the level and dodging rocks while also timing her slashes to destroy incoming arrows and dodge boulders. It’s certainly a refreshing change of pace, though none of the upgrades help make this easier outside of more health. It also relies a lot on memorization, as you may run past and archer and get hurt, even though he did nothing else. I dunno, maybe he commented on her dumb samurai outfit.

upgrade, money, akane, samurai sword destiny, 3DS

Don’t expect to take too long to upgrade. It only goes to a max of 5 each.

Worst insult? Game is about an hour long. I finished my playthrough at an hour and a half, but I needed the extra time to grind for cash in order to purchase the upgrades I mentioned. There’s a survival mode, which is just survive for 3-5 minutes against an endless wave of enemies to get cash faster for upgrades, and a challenge mode, which doesn’t offer much. There’s no changing difficulty either, so this game will quickly bore you once you finish it, assuming you have the energy to finish it.


There’s no beating around the bush. This game is pretty bad, even for the cheap price of $5, though I got mine for about $2 thanks to a sale. The only thing it manages to accomplish is making me want to play more Muramasa, or even the Onimusha games for that matter. It relies too much on its charge move to be any fun, and mostly feels like a flash game on a phone with how this was done. And combined with its short length, odds are you should just get a few candy bars or pretzels.

samurai sword destiny, app, phone, akane, demon, ogre

…Well I really wasn’t too far off.

And yes, you can find cheap AND good titles for the 3DS, such as Liberation Maiden or Crimson Shroud just to name a few.

Samurai Sword Destiny earns a 1 out of 5.

I’m The Smartest Moron, and holy crap, I still do text reviews! IT’S A MIRACLE!


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