Patreon and Update

Hello everybody! Yes, I am not dead, surprisingly. Due to some financial problems and other stuff I have discussed on twitter, producing videos has gone a bit slower. But I am working on the problem right now. It’s just I need to of course earn the money in order to use Adobe Premiere Pro to keep up my editing.

Which brings me to my next point: Patreon! I’m sure all of you have heard of the site by now, but let me explain for those who don’t. Patreon allows content creators to make money based on how many people pay for them, usually by per video or per month, and when a goal is hit, the content creator can use the money earned to upgrade the show. So, think of it as a monthly kickstarter or subscription of sorts.

Here is my personal Patreon!

Even a dollar can help me out very much, as does spreading around this link and my videos too. Thank you all for your support all these years, and here’s hoping the upgrade to videos will go smoothly. I’ll try to do more text reviews as well in the meantime.


About The Smartest Moron

I am a college graduate of Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production. While hunting for jobs, I also do a review series on YouTube where I analyze stories/characters called The Smartest Moron.
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