I am Final, the head/only writer of Final Verdict for the time being, and the name is subject to change. Currently, I am at Temple University, studying Journalism to become a better writer and hopefully get my work out there more. I want to write video game reviews, and hopefully other articles and learn more so that way I can write more, and better too. It’s why I fully encourage feedback as to what needs to be improved.

Not much else to me. Currently, I own a PSP, a DS, a Wii, PS2, and an Xbox 360 while also occasionally playing on my laptop. I have a ton of favorites, like the Mass Effect series, Chrono Cross, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, and more. I also prioritize story over gameplay, as it keeps me motivated.

I cannot however write reviews on sports games, including wrestling ones, and MMOs as well. Multiplayer ones are also a bit on the meh side of things, considering not everyone owns and plays from the same system as I do, but if I am able to play it, I am willing to critique that part more of it, but for the most part, I focus on games more from a single player experience.

The name FinalCrosMayCry actually comes from a fanfiction I was writing years ago. The fanfiction was quite awful once I read it over, but I decided to stick with the name due to the uniqueness of it and no one ever claimed it as their own. I also go by Final.



FinalCrosMayCry on Xbox Live

E-mail: j_falu@yahoo.com and finalcrosmaycry@aol.com

Plurk: FinalCrosMayCry2

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