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Parasite Eve 2 review (Playstation 1/Vita)

Developer: Square Publisher: Square Genre: action role-playing, survival horror ESRB: M System: Playstation 1 and Vita/PSP (PSN) Price: $5.99 on PSN Hello and welcome to a text edition of the Smartest Moron. If you saw my tweets a long time ago, … Continue reading

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The Smartest Moron reviews: Parasite Eve (PS1)

After much editing and growing insanity, it is finally done! Can this game prove to be better than Koudelka?

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 in under 10 seconds

So after getting more footage for Final Fantasy XIII-2 when I needed it for another video and accidentally deleted my back-ups, I came across this while playing and said “Wow, this sums up my experience with FFXIII-2 so damn well. … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 review

And so it begins…and ends. For those who don’t know, I do make video reviews now. Written articles will still go up, just at a much slower pace than usual. I also apologize for my poor voice in these videos … Continue reading

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Bravely Default review (3DS)

Developer: Silicon Studio, Square Enix Publisher: Nintendo (for USA) Genre: turn-based RPG Multiplayer: (only streetpass/friend summons) ESRB: T for Teen System: 3DS (physical copy and eshop download) Price: $39.99   I told you I would get this review done!…eventually. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Final Answers: Why do people hate the costumes in Lightning Returns?

Ah Final Fantasy XIII, the series that made me go to a video game store and give me a spider sense I wish I ignored instead of buying the game. In a surprisingly short amount of time, it has managed … Continue reading

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Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume review

…I hate this game. No joking around here, I am cutting straight to the point here. After playing 30 hours of this game, I had to ask myself one question several times: why am I playing this? Well, I don’t … Continue reading

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