Top 10 Characters I Like For Very Little Reason

While this channel is dedicated to diving deep into video game characters and stories, there are times when I just simply enjoy a character for little to no reason. So I decided to dedicate an entire list to those very characters!

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A Rose in the Twilight (Vita) – Quick Review

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software, A Rose in the Twilight is a puzzle game with a bit of platforming, but plenty of dark elements, some of which come at the cost of the main character’s life. Together with her golem, she must find a way to be free from this castle, or be doomed to be the meal of monsters again and again. But does this game hold up? We shall find out!

Review code was provided to the publisher, as I work on Operation Rainfall. The written review for that website will be coming soon.

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Devil May Cry 1 – The Smartest Moron Reviews

The beginning of reviewing the Devil May Cry series begins, as I take a look at Devil May Cry 1 from the HD Collection:

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Video Update: Shadow Hearts Covenant, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy XV, Top 10s, and more!

Just to avoid spamming my Twitter feed, here are all the videos I failed to release on this website.

Quick Reviews, featuring The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Transistor, Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, and Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni:

Narrative Reviews have sprouted a bit more, with Shadow Hearts Covenant, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, and Final Fantasy XV:

Top 10 videos are back, featuring my Top 10 favorite Senran Kagura characters, along with my top 10 most hated video game characters, 1 per series anyway:

Saviors of the Tale continues with Kazuya of the Tekken series, and Selvaria Bles of Valkyria Chronicles:

Games I Never Finished returns with Mighty No 9:

A music video with Motorhead’s King of Kings with Final Fantasy XV:

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Update: Now with Censored Gaming

So it’s been a while since I last updated this website, and honestly that is because life has been hectic while graduating. Speaking of which, I have graduated, and have even joined Censored Gaming in writing/making news videos for the channel. You can check out the playlist for all videos I have made for them so far over here:

Also, I will try to update this website more with videos posted. As for video game review requests, currently, I am unable to review Kingdom Hearts or Xenosaga, and will have to save them for next year at the earliest. However, I should be able to review The Last of Us once I get my hands on a copy. Just gotta try and get my life together with a stable job to pay off some loans.

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Homura of Senran Kagura, Digimon: CS, Ray Gigant,The Last Story, and Enslaved: OotW videos!

Just realized how bad I am at keeping up with this blog with vid updates, so here are a few more vids I missed posting here:

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Video update

Hello everyone still checking this blog out. So I kinda sorta forgot to update this with the newer videos, so underneath the cut will be full reviews of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, and The 3rd Birthday. I also did quick reviews of Dishonored, Alpha Protocol, and Lost Planet.


Continue reading

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