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My Top 10 Worst Video Game Deaths – The Smartest Moron

Death is a horrible thing to think about, but it can lend itself to some pretty damn good moments in video games. At the same time, there can be deaths that ruin the impact a character or story has. This … Continue reading

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Video Update: Shadow Hearts Covenant, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy XV, Top 10s, and more!

Just to avoid spamming my Twitter feed, here are all the videos I failed to release on this website. Quick Reviews, featuring The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Transistor, Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, and Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni: Narrative Reviews have sprouted a … Continue reading

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Lost Dimension – Quick Reviews

With Lost Dimension having you find traitors within your party, can this actually turn out to be an interesting RPG, or a bomb of epic proportions? Find out with this review!

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars DEMO review (3DS)

Before you ask, yes, I am getting to the Bravely Default review. Experimenting with doing videos is, well…problematic. Mainly because I need someone to work the camera. Also, I feel that talking about this game is necessary because of the … Continue reading

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