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Characters Made of Stupid: Mundus and Vergil

…Yes, we are back on this topic again. Remember my backseat review on DmC? It got mixed thoughts, as I found it a subject within forums claiming that I judged the game unfairly, and other criticisms I found useful, which … Continue reading

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Are fans to blame for bad sales in gaming?

No. No they are not. I can’t believe I have to explain something as simple as this. But after reading an article about DmC and how the writer of said article said fans are to blame for the failure of … Continue reading

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Top 3 failures of DmC reboot

Damn it, I know people are tired of me whining about it. Believe me, so do I. But I am tired of the constant mistakes and bad decisions Ninja Theory and Capcom keep making; I screw things up well enough … Continue reading

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