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My Top 10 Worst Video Game Deaths – The Smartest Moron

Death is a horrible thing to think about, but it can lend itself to some pretty damn good moments in video games. At the same time, there can be deaths that ruin the impact a character or story has. This … Continue reading

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Top 10 Characters I Like For Very Little Reason

While this channel is dedicated to diving deep into video game characters and stories, there are times when I just simply enjoy a character for little to no reason. So I decided to dedicate an entire list to those very … Continue reading

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Final Answers: Why do people hate the costumes in Lightning Returns?

Ah Final Fantasy XIII, the series that made me go to a video game store and give me a spider sense I wish I ignored instead of buying the game. In a surprisingly short amount of time, it has managed … Continue reading

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Are fans to blame for bad sales in gaming?

No. No they are not. I can’t believe I have to explain something as simple as this. But after reading an article about DmC and how the writer of said article said fans are to blame for the failure of … Continue reading

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Backseat Reviews: DmC (2013)

…Ya know, I would like to review good games again. Then someone had to show me the walkthrough on YouTube, days before release no less. How? My guess is that one reviewer got their copy before release and decided to … Continue reading

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Top 3 failures of DmC reboot

Damn it, I know people are tired of me whining about it. Believe me, so do I. But I am tired of the constant mistakes and bad decisions Ninja Theory and Capcom keep making; I screw things up well enough … Continue reading

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Are Stories More Important Than Gameplay in a Video Game?

Ya know, for years I have dealt with people who constantly berate and make fun of me for playing a game simply for story purposes. They failed to get the reason why though. However, I should answer one question before … Continue reading

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