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Valkyria Chronicles 3 (PSP) – The Smartest Moron Reviews

So this will be the last review I do for a while since I just got a job and gotta train. That and my free time since then has dwindled significantly. Developed by Media.Vision, the same people behind Valkyria Revolution, … Continue reading

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Video update

Hello everyone still checking this blog out. So I kinda sorta forgot to update this with the newer videos, so underneath the cut will be full reviews of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, and The 3rd Birthday. … Continue reading

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Parasite Eve 2 review (Playstation 1/Vita)

Developer: Square Publisher: Square Genre: action role-playing, survival horror ESRB: M System: Playstation 1 and Vita/PSP (PSN) Price: $5.99 on PSN Hello and welcome to a text edition of the Smartest Moron. If you saw my tweets a long time ago, … Continue reading

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Jeanne D’Arc review (PSP)

After having so much delicious and headache-inducing Type-Moon material thrown at me, it was only a matter of time before I got Jeanne D’Arc for the PSP. Loosely based off of the story of Joan of Arc and developed by … Continue reading

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Persona (PSP) review

I am a huge Atlus fan, if people cannot already tell, as I do adore the Shin Megami Tensei series they crank out and try to bleed out. Over the years, many alterations have been made to their games, like … Continue reading

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Games I Never Finished: Dragoneer’s Aria (PSP)

If you ever asked me what my favorite mythological creatures were, they would have to be dragons. Large, fearsome, deadly, one of the ultimate beings that usually take an army, or a small group of incredibly powerful heroes, to earn … Continue reading

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The 3rd Birthday review….WORST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

I am sorry for my long absence after all this time, and I have finally returned after taking a very long break. Still not feeling all too well, but I have a job, even if I am not getting paid … Continue reading

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