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The Smartest Moron reviews: Castlevania Judgment

It’s finally here! Ready to experience Castlevania’s lowest point before Lords of Shadow?

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The Last Story review…god help me

….How does this game have good scores? No, I’m being serious here. Even Blistered Thumbs, the main gaming site I follow for reviews, praised this game! To be fair, the same reviewer liked Final Fantasy XIII, but that doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Sakura Wars So Long, My Love review (for the Wii)

I’m probably going to sound like a hypocrite in this review. Why? Well, for those that haven’t kept up with my articles, I wrote one detailing whether or not a story was vital to a game on the same side … Continue reading

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Update – 12/17

Hey everyone! I’m sure you have all noticed my lack of activity as of late, but never fear, for I am finally back in action! At least so long as SOPA doesn’t pass maybe. But anyway, finals at Temple had … Continue reading

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